KANGARURU - Delivering Comfort & Safety as Mom's Kangaroo care

It is the essential value of KANGARURU to make comfortable products for both mom and children.

KANGARURU values convenient childcare for mothers.
Our business started by sympathizing with all moms in the world, who always prioritize their children first.

With an understanding of mothers’ wish to carry their babies in their arms all the time like a kangaroo, we carefully choose all our materials and manufacture our products after a long period of research and development.

We believe that the materials used in the products are the most important of all, and have been with our efforts to diversify the functions of our products so that mothers can make a reasonable purchase from various available choices.

All of KANGARURU's Baby Bedding & Accessories are made by Moms who are parenting their kids. Bumper Cushion is invented to prevent their children from falling asleep and Modal Blanket keeps warm and comfort during their sleeping. All products are the result of Mom's idea with loves for own babies.

Our products are not just baby care items, but also items that make mothers happy.
Our products are the result of our efforts to reflect the wish of all mothers to give the best things to their babies.

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